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Can’t Wait for Spring!

Growing up in Florida I had no idea about the ‘winter blues’. I knew that I didn’t like the cold, especially when it was wet. When I say cold,  I mean ‘less than 75 degrees’. Born and raised in central Florida, I had no need for coats or long johns. For Floridians, Winter and Autumn are seasons that are not normally experienced. No matter what time of the year, it was shorts and flip-flops weather. Oh to remember those care-free years.

Fast forward to the present, this is my second Winter in NW Arkansas and it is cold! Now when I say cold….. I mean ‘less than 35 degrees’!  Even though I’m frozen to the bone, when snow is on the ground I feel a sense of peace. The richness of it’s aura envelopes me and I don’t want it to end. The beauty from Autumn to Spring is breathtaking and all of the changes in aroma, color and texture make me smile and consider everything that God has made. I have come to appreciate the season of Winter and am glad that I can share this experience with my beloved family.

With Spring around the corner I find myself ready to bask in the sun. I now understand the reference of  ‘winter blues’ and how the lack of sunshine effects a persons’ attitude and energy levels. My own experience this year was increased aggitation and decreased energy. Which is kind of an oxymoron, if you think about it. Don’t you need energy to get aggitated? Well, tell that to my body! I just have to keep on reminding myself that I need to relax(for the aggitation) and get moving(for the low energy). It will all make sense one day. Right?

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