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Lapbooking is a new venue for some. We have done a couple and plan on doing more this year. I have found some excellent free sites. The most recent one that I have come across is by two homeschooling moms called Dynamic 2 Moms. They started their website in January of this year, 2009. It doesn’t have as much of a selection as others but I love their style and info. They do a great job and I can see their site doing great things. If you become a member (free) and sign up for their newsletter, they will inform you of any new additions.

Next is a long time favoritr of most, Homeschool Share. They have many lapbooks to choose from. Their sight is very easy to navigate and you can browse their master list or one of the eight categories. From there, if you haven’t found what you are looking for, you gotta look at The Homeschool Helper. They have lots to choose from, including many templates so you can make your own. They even have an article on what is a lapbook and how to make one, for the newbie. They also have a newsletter that you can sign up for that will keep you posted as to what has been added.

Lapbook Lessons is an online forum where you can download lapbooks for free. You have to become a member in order to get the lapbooks(free) and they also have video lessons on how to make one. It’s a great place to share your own creations or ask questions. Last but not least, The Hands of a Child website has a freebie offered every quarter. They have excellent lapbooks full of info on the subject, so you don’t have to go chasing down the answers(great for busy moms). I have several of their products and have never been let down, whether it was free or not. They also have a great super member section that you can pay for and they receive their own special freebies, usually 2-3 a month plus get discounts on what they buy(Well worth the money!). Even if you don’t buy from them I’d suggest you join their yahoo group, Lapbooking, they are a bunch of great, caring ladies. They will answer all questions and let you know of special discounts.


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