The Living Homeschool

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We are currently using:

Devotionals- Keys for Kids

Bible Study- Greenleaf Guide to the Old Testament

Math- Horizons from Alpha Omega

Phonics- Explode the Code for the younger two

Vocabulary/ Spelling- Wordly Wise for the older two and for the younger two

Grammar- Winston Grammar for the older two

History- Truthquest American History for younger students

Science- Anatomy and Physiology unit study, self-made

Literature-each have own book and we do a family read aloud for our book club

Copywork- one scripture verse per week

Scripture Memorization-using copywork verse

Typing- Dance Mat Typing

Special Project- Zach(NE American Indians); Kyra(Animal Science)

Our First Day of Homeschooling!

Our First Day of Homeschool


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2 responses to “Education

  1. Alison says:

    The website is just great. You are very brave to take on so much. Love you and miss you! Your little sis: Alison

  2. mercedes says:

    Hi, just ran into ur website, it’s great!! Love the pics of the kids!!!

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