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We LOVE animals! We were lucky to get a purebreed Pug from my co-worker in Florida that said she had just got her and couldn’t take care of her. I had always wanted one so I was excited. Her name was Pepper and I was told that she was fixed. When I brought her home I soon realized that she wasn’t fixed. It seemed as if she had just had a litter. Well to my surprise, 1 month later at 1:30 am I awoke to her having given birth to a pup. She only had one and was in emotional distress. She didn’t know what to do with it. So my husband and I stayed up helping her to nurse and take care of her. By the end of day one we realized that we needed to take care of her ourselves, Mama wanted to continuously roll her roughly around. We named her Cayenne. I tracked down Daddy and he was a purebreed Pekingese that lived at the same house I got her from. Funny huh?







Now, I can’t forget Rusty. He is our Tonkinese mix. I affectionately call him “fat cat”, he’s not overly huge, but with all his hair he looks it.


Rusty, my "fat cat"
Rusty, my “fat cat”




And last but not least….Katey, a boxer/lab mix.



Katey girl, ready to run!

Katey girl, ready to run!



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One response to “Pets Page

  1. hey Vicky! I like your blog, your pets are cute. My blog has no pics of any of mine (cuz I don’t know how to do that). I am computer challenged.
    How have you been? Do you still go to the park on Wed with th homeschool group? Kylan misses playing with your boys.
    Take care, Jessica Pierce

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