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Book Review: Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp

Most parenting books are either heavy on theology or on life application. This book, however, has an equal portion of both. A definite MUST read for parents or anyone that has influence on children. He takes it all back to the one goal that we should all have, for our children and us alike: to have a heart for Jesus. How simple right? So simple that we often times forget it. We get too busy and just want them to ‘be quiet’ or ‘behave’ (myself included). He references the Bible throughout and has chapters set aside just for life application and he has chapters that are age specific. This book will stay on my bookshelf  for future reference.

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Win a FREE high school art curriculum

Spears Art Studio, Inc  is giving away a CD rom of their full high school course on This website is a must for homeschoolers and educators alike!

The art curriculum is described as follows, from Freely Educate:

Seven Major Themes, 36 Lessons, 75 Art Activities, 36 Sketchbook Assignments
  • Supports the Rhetoric Stage of Classical Education

  • Addresses:
    • art elements – line, shape, space, color, texture, form
    • principles of design – repetition/pattern, proportion, contrast/value, emphasis/ focal point, balance/symmetry/asymmetry, unity, variety, harmony, movement/force/rhythm

    • perception skills – edges, spaces, relationships, light/shadow, gestalt 
processes – drawing, painting, sculpture, fiber, printmaking, graphic design
  • Contains:
    • connections in each lesson – Scripture, art history, contemporary art connections

    • 144 visual memory exercises

    • unit tests and answer keys

    • helps: tips and subs; how to evaluate artwork, etc.

    • analyzed for National Visual Art Standards

    • 162 pages total, 177 black and white illustrations, 52 color illustrations

            Oh…and did I mention that they have a course for younger kids too? And free art lessons on their site? Check out and

If you win…and I don’t(boohoo). Don’t be bashful and let me know. I’d love to congratulate you!

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Summer in full swing!

The weather is HOT! When it rains… it pours. My garden is looking parched and not bearing much fruit. The grass just keeps growing, though(Ugh). Luckily, I have a green thumb neighbor that gives us what she and her husband can’t eat. What a blessing!

I’m slowly finalizing our school year plans. Gathering all the supplies and making a wishlist for what we still need. I’m going to be trying some new things this year. One is going to involve the kids keeping a better track of what they do. To encourage better accountability and independence for those who need it. I will be making cards that will have their subjects and the time or pages they have for each day of the week and a place to mark off(or put a star). My dear friend Joy suggested this to me and I’m going to run with it. I’m also going to have each of  us, myself included, write up some goals to work towards during the schoolyear. Some will be more short term, like before Christmas break. Some will be long term, to finish out the year. As we get these done I will post our goals and the handout that I will make so that another family may be blessed.

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