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I’ve finished some books!

on July 1, 2009

Since June 1st I have read Don’t Make Me Count to Three: a Mom’s Look at Heart-Oriented Discipline by Ginger Plowman, Sibling’s Without Rivalry by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, Parenting By The Spirit: raising godly children in a godless world by Sally Hohnberger and The Alchemist: a fable about following your dream by Paulo Coelho. And yes, I have been pouring into the parenting books lately.

Sibling’s Without Rivalry described how to get your children to get along in detail. It was written by a mother that counseled parenting  classes and it had many suggestions with plenty of  example stories. She told about some of the things she went through as a mother and followed her class in her writing.Although it did not have a christian influence, the topics were covered so well that I would recommend it for anyone looking to end the tension between siblings.

Don’t Make Me Count to Three was written by a christian mother that describes how to change your child’s heart to want to be obedient. She  described several events that took place in her home life where she applies the Bible’s teachings. She goes through the disciplining process scripturally. There are many references to different passages throughout the book and she even has a chart that has scriptures pertaining to certain issues/traits for a quick look-up. I highly recommend this book! It is one that I will refer back to often. When I get it back that is….it’s already being loaned out to a friend!

Parenting By The Spirit was read after Don’t Make Me Count To Three and I wish I had read it before. It was written “to help you be the parent you need to be” and is a parenting book that works on you first. It is biblically based and written by a christian mother to help you in your journey with parenting. She has multiple examples from her life that help to give you the skills for better parenting. It is a must read for all parents!

Last but not least, The Alchemist. This was my “free read” for the month. LOL! It turns out to be very deep and exciting. I could hardly put it down. This young man goes off in hopes to find out what a dream means and gets told that he will find a treasure near the pyramids. He meets several interesting people and goes to different lands in hopes of finding this treasure. Along the way he realizes important things about love and the world God has made. And in the end………does he get his treasure? the girl? You got to read it and find out! A worthwhile read, even if it is “just for fun”!


2 responses to “I’ve finished some books!

  1. Amber says:

    Can I borrow Parenting By The Spirit and Sibling’s Without Rivalry? Maybe when you get back.

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