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5 More Days!

on June 26, 2009

Well, we have 5 more days left til we leave on a plane to Florida! Kyra wakes up every morning and informs me of the countdown! The kids and I are so excited! It will be their first time….and my 2nd on a plane!

We plan on staying with my Mom(Nana) for the whole month of July. We’ll be staying at the beach for several days too, visitng Sea World, going to our old parks that the kids loved. along with visiting the different springs in the area. Not to mention 2 Family Get-2-gethers! We’ve missed everyone so much! I hope we get to see as many family as possible!

I sent our stuff already! It is actually cheaper, not to mention easier, to mail it than take on the plane. They’re charging $25 per luggage now!


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    I am glad I could encourage you! If you have any suggestions, please let me know! 🙂

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