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Thank Goodness It’s Friday!

on April 24, 2009

“Why do you say this”, you ask? I don’t know…..people always say it. I guess it’s mostly people that work during the week or kids that go to school during the week. But for me, a homeschooling mom, my job doesn’t end on Friday,  or any other day for that matter! Life doesn’t have a day off, whether it’s a holiday or not. I still have to be a mom and wife and teach my kids.

When I worked fulltime I was under the assumption that when I had days off, I deserved them. Finally, I allowed God to open my eyes and I realized that I had an even more important job….my kids! They were trusted to me by God and He calls for the parents to be the educators of their children, especially spiritually. We are not to depend on others to teach our children what our beliefs are. Sunday school is great for the kids to interact with other christians but it should not be a substitute for family devotions and daily reading of the Bible. With that said, I am not perfect and there are times that I let things get in the way of our “God time”. When we are schooling it is a part of our routine. But on days where we don’t “officially” school it tends to be left out. I am not proud of that fact and I strive to get better at it.

I pray that those reading this might be encouraged to take heed our Father’s words and also strive to have their own “God time” with their family. And for those who already do…..I pray that you continue to bless His name!

Don't forget the promises!

Don't forget the promises!


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