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Homeschooling Changes

on April 19, 2009

I have recently purchased The Workbox System book by Sue Patrick. I had been reading everywhere about how great it was and it’s changed their homeschooling so much, etc. Well, I had to try it for myself and WOW! What a difference! We have been getting twice the amount of stuff done.  My kids enjoy having “center time”. They have been listening to audio books on tape, using legos, reading poetry, playing educational games, file folder games, computer time and the list goes on and on and on! They look forward to clocking in and out of school, too.

I have tweaked the system to fit us and use 9 magazine holders per child. Why 9 you ask? Because that is what fits on one shelf.LOL! I made more cards for the things we do, so we don’t need as many holders. For instance, there is a Poetry card that I will put on the strip, they know which bin has the poetry books and they choose what they want to read. This has worked wonders for us!

Here is a picture of our bookshelves that contain the magazine holders:

The bookshelves that contain OUR version of The Workbox System

The bookshelves that contain OUR version of The Workbox System


One response to “Homeschooling Changes

  1. Christie says:

    I’ve just recently heard about workbox system. I think i am going to use the magazine holders too for my kids. I may only need 9 each too since it looks like we have the same kind of bookcases. lol Glad I saw your blog before running off to buy my holders!!

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